when in Rome

So it’s been a while.  I’ll spare you the 2 year update and get right to the chase. Let’s talk about Rome, most importantly let’s talk about food (yes again) in Rome. I bring to you the 2014, Chillifingo top 5 tips for when in Rome.   Tip #1 – If it looks tour-isty don’t bother. … [Read more…]

sugar and spice and everything nice

This one is about food. Not that the other ones were about nuclear physics but this one is –  wait for it – a recipe. Roast chicken with herbed butter. mmmm butterrrrrrrr. So there is this restaurant in New York (i.e. the state on top of douchebagistan – credits to the King for that name), … [Read more…]

flying zorba

Greek immigrants founded more than 1,500 diners in the Northeastern US between 1950 and 1970. So as a 3rd gen Greek-American my chances of being involved in the industry, in some way or form were pretty high. My grandfather was one of those immigrants that moved to the US with hopes for something better. Back … [Read more…]

cheesesteaks and nick names

Not sure where to start. I like cheesesteaks, the Phillies and Saab cars. The first two are 5,000 miles away from me and Saab just went bankrupt. If that isn’t deprivation I don’t know what is. Chillifingo is not a word. Its an awesome nickname given to my older cousin Nicole. Don’t know why, don’t … [Read more…]