cheesesteaks and nick names

Not sure where to start.

I like cheesesteaks, the Phillies and Saab cars. The first two are 5,000 miles away from me and Saab just went bankrupt. If that isn’t deprivation I don’t know what is.

Chillifingo is not a word. Its an awesome nickname given to my older cousin Nicole. Don’t know why, don’t ask. Its cool though. Sounds kind of like a video game I used to play as a kid called Grim Fandango. I loved that game. Nicole if this blog ever makes money, you own the IP rights.

She was not the only one with a nick name. Mine was Deach. Sounds more like Leech. Don’t know where that came from either, I am guessing Demetrios was too complicated or too long for my family in the States to pronounce.

Then came my younger cousin, Gregory. Yes, he also got a nick name. He was named Bach, not like the music composer, sounds more like Botch. The nick name also had variations depending on who was calling him or what the mood was. My grandmother would call him Bach-o, when she would beg him to eat some food. “Ela Bach-o mou, I’ll make you the small Spanakopitas you like.”

And then came the last addition to the nick name era. My sister. She had the only nick name that was remotely close to her given name (Renee). Everybody called her Neenee. Sounds like “me me” but with an N.

What is cool about the nick name deal is that we use them till this day. People who hear us refer to each other have a clueless look on their face once they hear words like “Chillifingo” or “Bach”.

Those nick names are timeless, unique. They are out of the ordinary and define who we are.

Kind of like driving a Saab. hey hey see